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Baltuch and his wife booked 3 cruises that I know of, under the name of Fine Food and Wine.They included air fare and hotels.

He collected the money from hundreds of people and did not pay the vendors, even though he sent out confirmations for cruise/air/hotel reservations to his clients. He collected approximately $15,000 from me personally, then I found out he kept the money and filed for bankruptcy. No cruise, nor air fare. Furthermore, when the host frantically scraped together the funds so as not to lose the cruiseline, Baltuch fought our Amex disputes by telling them he doesn't owe any money because we're still getting a cruise!

So most of us are still fighting with Amex to obtain refunds in order to reimburse the host.

Apparently he has already started another vacation business, only a few months later.How long will this scam artist be allowed to rip people off??

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were sorry to disagree with capforfun but shoes only travel is the same owners,as fine food and wine.we are also travel agents in the same niche,and most of these so call travel agencies,that put together these cruises,cannot be trusted!from one company we cannot even get receipts for our clients.


This posters notes are total BS

We have been traveling with Shoes Only Travel for years and they are a 1st class organization.

The owners are the most honest and nicest people you would ever want to meet and we are so thrilled every time we get to travel with them, which we will be doing for a long time to come.

This poster is trying to tie to unrelated companies together, not very nice :-(

to capforfun #692268

You are so in the dark.We were booked for the same Tahiti cruise, and we also are still fighting Amex.

Amex is trying to minimize their own losses - imagine having to reimburse almost everyone booked on the cruise (Fine Food & Wine recommended everyone pay with Amex). We are so frustrated with Amex, we consider it as culpable as Fine Food & Wine and the Baltuchs.

The Baltuchs are thieves, liars and attempting to maintain their own lifestyles by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Clients of Shoes Only should beware.This could happen to you, when they start spending YOUR deposits only something other than the travel you are paying them for.

to capforfun #851686

sorry to see this reply to our post,the owners owned both companies that is a fact.they might be nice,and you might be thrilled with them,but a 1st class organization does not file bankrupty,they did own food and wine cruises. What scares us is people just do not what to know the truth like you

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